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Cheques and Passbooks

Protection of your cheques and passbooks may not only save you from an embarrassing situation, it might also save you from losing a lot of money.  To help protect your financial reputation:

  • Keep your Cheque Book in a safe and secure place.
  • Never pre-sign cheques.
  • When posting cheques in the mail, cross the cheque ‘Not Negotiable’.  Where possible, send it in a plain envelope, not a window-faced envelope.
  • Do not use pencil to write your cheques.  Use a pen or felt-tipped pen.
  • Financial Institution Cheques should not be considered as safe as cash as they may be materially altered by fraudsters.
  • Do not give your passbook to another person.
  • Never pre-sign withdrawal forms.
  • If your Cheque Book or Passbook is stolen, report it immediately.



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