The Mutual Bank proudly supports and sponsors various educational, sporting, cultural clubs and events.

Applying for sponsorship?

Completed applications may be submitted:

1. In person

At a branch of The Mutual Bank

2. By mail

The Mutual Bank, PO Box 2487, GREEN HILLS NSW 2323

3. By email

Applicants should review our Sponsorship Guidelines prior to submitting an application for sponsorship.

To assist in our review of your application, The Mutual Bank requests that you include the following information:

Please attach a cover page to your application which clearly outlines the following:

  • Details of your organisation including name, address and contact details.
  • Name and details of your event, activity etc for which you are seeking sponsorship.
  • Value of sponsorship requested - monetary and/or in kind.
  • Brief summary of the sponsorship proposal.

Provide a description of the proposed event, activity, team or group for which you are seeking sponsorship.

What are the key objectives of the event or activity? Please provide specific and measurable outcomes. For example, number of participants, community benefit etc.

What is the event or activity targeted to? Who is likely to attend the activity or event?

Detail the sponsorship benefits for The Mutual Bank for supporting the event, activity, team or group. For example, media coverage, website advertising, outdoor advertising, signage or collateral at the event.

Are there any other sponsors? Please note: The Mutual Bank will generally not support sponsorships involving another financial institution.

Is there a current banking relationship with The Mutual Bank? If so, please state details.

How will The Mutual Bank be informed about the outcome of the event and what evidence will be provided to The Mutual Bank to assess its success.


The Mutual Bank is willing to consider all sponsorship and monetary requests, however, we are more likely to support sponsorship applications that:

  • Support and compliment The Mutual Bank's corporate values.
  • Support The Mutual Bank's core business objectives.
  • Are relevant to the Hunter region.
  • Provide opportunity for the promotion of The Mutual Bank brand via logo placement, communication of corporate messages, and distribution of promotional material and involvement of The Mutual Bank's staff and/or members.
  • Have a broad appeal with the community.
  • Offer, or stem from a banking relationship with The Mutual Bank.
  • Are spread across a broad group of people as opposed to sponsorship of individuals.

The Mutual Bank prefers sponsorships which do not involve other financial institutions and do not conflict with The Mutual Bank's core values.

Please note: The Mutual Bank will consider your application based upon the information you provide us in response to the above criteria set out in this document. However, any decision to provide sponsorship will be at our absolute discretion and no further correspondence will be entered into once we have made our decision.

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