The Mutual Bank offers a wide range of transaction solutions for business owners.

Direct Debit User Facility

If you hold a Business Account with The Mutual Bank you may be able to participate in The Mutual Bank’s Direct Debit User Facility, which enables you to make multiple direct debit transactions using the Bulk Electronic Clearing System’s Direct Debit functionality.

To apply for a Direct Debit User Facility, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a Business Account with The Mutual Bank; and
  • Complete a Direct Debit User application form.

Please note, an application fee will be debited from your Business Account when your application is received.

Batch Processing and Rental Disbursement

Batch processing is when a business makes multiple transfers for such purposes as payroll, accounts payable, or rental disbursements, by creating a batch .ABA payments file through your accounting software, such as MYOB or Xero.

The .ABA file is uploaded through the Multiple Transfers menu item within Internet Banking. If batch payments processed via Internet Banking need more than one person to authorise the payment, this can also be arranged.

When creating the .ABA file, you will need to enter the following information in your accounting software:

  • Bank Code: MMB
  • Bank ID or Australian Payment Network Limited number (APCA number): 045107
  • Self-Balancing File Option: Yes or No
  • APCA Name: Your businesses name

For information on creating an .ABA file in your accounting software, contact your accounting software provider’s customer support team.

Important Information

* The Mutual Banks' Internet Banking package supports the most popular accounting packages. To see if your accounting package is supported, please contact us.

**BPAY® Biller is offered to Business Members only.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518