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Cheque Book

Cheques are a great solution if you need to pay large sums of money or send payments in the mail. You can link your Cheque Book to your transaction account, so there is no need to hold and manage a separate account. The Cheque Book is convenient for times when access to your account is limited in areas where electronic banking services may not always be available.

  Corporate Cheques (Business members only)

Business members may arrange to have their own cheques printed and tailored to their individual business needs. The Mutual requires these cheques to be printed in accordance with the respective standards and will require evaluation samples prior to ordering.

The Mutual retains the right to refuse cheques which do not adhere to The Mutual's guidelines. 

How do cheques work?

After you have written and issued a cheque to a merchant or individual, the person or business you make the cheque payable to will deposit it into their account. Once a cheque has been presented by the person or business, the cheque is returned to The Mutual for verification and approval. If everything is in order, The Mutual will withdraw the money from your account and authorise payment to the person or business that deposited the cheque.

Cheques are subject to a clearance time of a minimum 3 business days once they are deposited into an account.

Financial Institution Cheques

When you need a cheque, but don’t have a personalised Cheque Book, we can issue you with a Financial Institution Cheque over the counter at any Mutual branch.

If you are purchasing a home or have a special need for a Financial Insitution Cheque, we can also assist you.


If you have any questions, please contact usThe Mutual Enquire Now

We have not considered your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider these things and the Product Disclosure Statement before making decisions.


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