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Social Responsibility

The Mutual understands that we have an obligation to the community, including our members, to operate in a socially responsible manner.

We believe that corporate social responsibility is best achieved by embedding our core values and ethics into our policies, procedures and practices so that they deliver benefits to our people, community and environment and result in responsible and ethical business conduct.

We commit to the ongoing continued improvement of business policies, practices and strategies that impact and/or result in productive and positive outcomes in each of the following key areas:

  Our People
  • Our policies and procedures with respect to staff abide by labour and occupational health and safety laws.
  • The Mutual is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) recruitment practices that are fair and equitable.
  • The Mutual implements a benefits program for our staff, which includes sponsored support for staff requiring counselling, salary continuance insurance for all full-time staff, negotiated pricing from third party providers, work life balance initiatives and training and development programs.
  Our Community
  • The Mutual currently sponsors or partners with community and not for profit organisations.  Additionally, The Mutual provides time and/or resources to support staff fund raising activities.
  • The Mutual’s staff are involved in a number of community fund raising ventures and volunteering opportunities.
  • The Mutual also has its own financial literacy program, Bank@School, which is active within a number of local schools.
  Our Environment
  • Initiatives continue to be introduced to ensure resources are used efficiently and environmental impact is reduced.
  • The Mutual recycles paper, photocopy toner cartridges and office waste.
  • The Mutual reduces energy consumption and paper wastage through:
  • Promoting the maximum use of electronic communication and data management;

  • Programming our computer systems to power down when not in use.

  • Capping the maximum engine capacity (displacement) of corporate vehicles to 1800cc.

  Our Business Operations
  • The Mutual has adopted a Corporate Code of Conduct and the Mutual Banking Code of Practice which provide details on how we will deliver on our pledge to always put members first.
  • As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution The Mutual is required to comply with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s Corporate Governance requirements.
  • The Mutual has adopted a Whistleblower Policy and is a member of an external dispute resolution scheme.
  • The Mutual has in place published policies, incorporated into staff and management training, that provide guidance in responsible decision making and privacy.


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