The Mutual purchases prime position in Hunter's retail hub

Maitland Mutual Building Society (The Mutual) has announced exciting plans for the development
of a new head office building following the purchase of land adjacent to Greenhills Shopping
Centre, East Maitland.
The 1,480 sq. metre parcel of land, which was previously the site of a Pizza Hut restaurant that
closed last month, was purchased from a private owner and settled on 15 September.
The Mutual’s General Manager, Mr Geoffrey Seccombe, said his board and senior management
team have been planning on relocating the organisation’s rapidly growing head office operations
for more than 10 years.
“Stockland’s planned $372 million redevelopment of the Greenhills Shopping Centre has provided
an undeniable opportunity for The Mutual to take up prominent residence in what has been
dubbed, the retail hub of the Hunter Region,” Mr Seccombe said.
“While we are still in very early stages of the development process, what we are looking at is a
multi-storey building that will provide greater capacity for our current and future administrative
“The Mutual’s head office operations have been located on the first floor of our Levee Central
Maitland building since 1987. The business and its operations have expanded significantly over the
past 30 years to a point where we have outgrown this space.
“This decision highlights our commitment to building for the future to meet the growing needs of our
The Mutual will go to tender in the coming months for the design and development of the new
premises, with construction planned to commence in mid-2017.
The planned multi-storey building will house The Mutual’s head office operations currently
managed out of the Levee Central Maitland site, as well as parking for employees and visitors, and
allow for the provision of future expansion. The inclusion of a branch, commercial offices and retail
space will also be explored.
The Mutual’s branches at Levee Central Maitland and East Maitland will remain operational
following relocation to the new head office, planned for early 2019.