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Visa Easy Payment Service

'No Sign, No PIN' payment system for transactions up to $35. This payment service is known as 'Fast Pay' and is available at participating merchants

Fast Pay enables cardholders to make purchases up to $35 without the need to sign or enter a PIN, to authorise the transaction when using the ‘credit’ button at point of sale. 

Fast Pay is not available where cash out is required.

Fast Pay is currently offered by major chains including Coles Supermarkets, McDonalds, Kmart and Bunnings Warehouse and for merchant where high-volume transactions occur such as department stores, fast food outlets, cafes, and taxis etc.

Although you are not required to verify the purchase with a signature or PIN, the transaction is still electronically authorised through our usual systems. Transactions are also limited to amounts of $35 or less to reduce the risk of loss.


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View all rates