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Redraw from your home loan

To redraw from your eligible Home Loan simply Login to The Mutual's Internet Banking using your Login Name and Access Code, then:

  • Select the Home Loan account from which you want to perform the Redraw from the List of Accounts.
  • Under Process Redraw select how you want to perform the transaction (Internal Transfer, External Transfer or BPay)
  • Enter the payee details (BSB Number, Account Number or Biller Code etc) and the Amount.
  • Confirm your transaction by entering your Access Code and Security Token.

If your Home Loan is in joint names, each of the borrowers will need to enter their Access Code to approve the transaction.

The cost for performing a Redraw on your Home Loan via Internet Banking is as follows:

Home Loan Type Over the Counter Internet Banking
Package Home Loan FREE FREE
Premium Variable Home Loan FREE FREE
3yr Intro Plus Home Loan $25 FREE
Mutual Home Loan $25 FREE
Fixed Home Loan $25 FREE
Budget Home Loan $25 FREE


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