As a local member-owned bank, we have been actively supporting community interests since 1888. Our sponsorship investment aims to supports grassroots organisations such as sporting clubs, community groups and charities that benefit the Hunter community in a positive and sustainable way.

How to apply

To assist in our review of your application, please complete the Sponsorship Application form below. Applicants should review our Sponsorship Eligibility Criteria and Policy prior to applying. Applications may take up to six weeks to assess and review.

We aim to respond to all sponsorship applications as soon as we can however if the application is urgent or under time constraint, please include this in the application form.

Each application will be assessed individually, based on the criteria and guidelines outlined in our Sponsorship Policy. 

All decisions are at the absolute discretion of The Mutual Bank.

The Mutual Bank is willing to consider all sponsorship and monetary requests, however, we are more likely to support sponsorship applications that:

  • Provide long-term opportunities to partner with organisations that make a meaningful impact in the communities in which we operate.

  • Are aligned with our Values of Integrity, Respect and Care.

  • Are aligned with our Vision to be the bank of choice in the Hunter.

  • Are aligned with our Purpose of helping people thrive.

  • Provide mutually beneficial outcomes for both The Mutual Bank and the recipient.

  • Promote The Mutual Bank brand in a positive way.

  • Help us achieve our strategic Member and growth goals.

Preference for Sponsorships will be given to organisations that bank with The Mutual Bank.

The Mutual Bank will only approve major sponsorships where The Mutual Bank is assured it is the only financial services sponsor of the event or organisation.

The Mutual Bank's Sponsorship policy provides guidance to businesses and organisations when applying for monetary and in-kind sponsorships.

You can read a copy of The Mutual Bank's sponsorship policy here. 

The Mutual Bank will not provide Sponsorship for the following purposes:

  • Political parties or politically driven initiatives;

  • Programs detrimental to public health or safety;

  • Any alignment to abuse of alcohol or substance abuse, smoking, gambling or activities that involve sexually explicit content;

  • Unregistered entities or organisations;

  • Sponsorships pertaining to individuals or for individual gain;

  • Sponsorships involving the cruelty or mistreatment of humans or animals;

  • Organisations driven by particularly divisive social issues; or

  • Cash donations.

Please note: The Mutual Bank will consider your application based upon the information you provide us in response to the above criteria set out in the application form. However, any decision to provide sponsorship will be at our absolute discretion and no further correspondence will be entered into once we have made our decision.