If you have a dispute with a Merchant about a transaction and if the Visa card scheme rules apply to the transaction, you may be entitled to a reversal of that transaction and

we can help you with this.


If you believe that you are entitled to a Dispute, you must notify us immediately as the operating rules of the card scheme impose time limits for Chargebacks*.

For most transactions, Dispute rights are limited to a maximum timeframe of 120 days from the transaction date.

Once time limits have expired, any Dispute rights may be lost.


Where the ePayments Code applies to the transaction, its time limits may apply and not those of the card scheme.

If you notify us in time, and we are satisfied that you are entitled to a Dispute, we will credit your account for the amount initially debited for the transaction.

However, you should note that the Merchant also has rights to have the transaction further investigated and re-debited if appropriate.


If you wish to dispute a Merchant transaction on your Mutual Visa Card you should phone us on 1300 688 825 or visit one of our branches.

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Important Information

* Chargeback means a request by you for a reversal of a transaction where a dispute exists between you and a Merchant over that transaction in accordance with the Visa Card scheme rules.