Keeping track of your money is easy with Mutual Alerts.

Alerts can be sent as an email or text message on your phone to advise you about a range of actions on your accounts, such as when your pay is credited, or a car payment is debited.

Some of your Mutual Alerts options:

  • Account balances on a regular frequency
  • When your account balance falls within a nominated range
  • Deposits to your account, such as your salary
  • Withdrawals on your account
  • Unsuccessful recurring payments
  • Maturing Term Deposits

If you would like to activate Mutual Alerts you can do so by logging into your Internet Banking.

Go to Inbox >Alerts >New alert >Select the account you want the alert set up on from the drop-down menu>Choose type of alert you require from the drop-down menu>follow prompts if further details of the alert are required>Choose mobile or email>submit password>save.

We are here to help. If you need assistance setting up Mutual Alerts, please call us on 1300 688 825 or visit one of our branches.